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To sustain is to support, strengthen, and nourish. A truly sustainable lifestyle is regenerative- empowering the growing wellness of our communities, the Earth, and ourselves.

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Growing A Thriving World For All:

Personal and Planetary Activation Session 

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International Convergence with Leading Changemakers Jane Goodall, Vananda Shiva, Paul Hawkins, Deepak Chopra and hundreds of organizations from around the world



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Learn from renowned authors and experts! The Sustainable Living Guide’s Online Classes give you unprecedented access to training with prominent teachers from around the world, from the convenience of wherever you are. Supporting your vibrant lifestyle with expertise from across the full spectrum of sustainable wellbeing. Explore classes from gardening and Permaculture, to holistic health and personal development, to community organizing and climate change emergency response. Whether you’re just getting started or are already deeply rooted in regenerative green living, we have education that will make a huge difference in your life. New classes are continually being posted to help you as you grow. Choose from simple single video workshops through comprehensive certification courses.




Discover abundant resources to support healthy, joyful, sustainable living. View the Sustainable Living Guide’s Directory in full and expand your horizons, or customize your personal directory to quickly find the specific topic and location of your choice. Featuring products, services, activities, organizations and more.


Our motivated community is actively looking for new resources – Get found in our Online Directory! Your directory listing also includes the unique opportunity to increase your business by participating in Member Specials sales.



Gather with leaders, teachers, and worldwide community to catalyze the well-being of the people and the planet. The Sustainable Living Guide presents online events sharing diverse expertise and exciting innovation from around the world. These special events feature topics across sustainable living, holistic health, community building, ecological regeneration, climate change and emergency response mobilization, personal growth, social entrepreneurialism and more. We believe in humanity’s ability to bring forth potent solutions and deep-hearted wisdom. Many events are offered at no cost as part of our service to empowering positive transformative action. You are invited to partake in this wellspring of our global community’s knowledge.



Come thrive with us! Sustainable Living Guide members enjoy extensive savings while helping to heal the Earth. Members receive 10% off Online Classes – every class, every day. Benefits include ongoing informative resources from experts and access to Member Specials sales from our Directory businesses. The member community also has an important role in The Sustainable Living Guide’s grants program. 20% of membership fees go to Community Sustainability Grants and members can nominate candidates. Join us as we grow flourishing sustainability and cultivate community caring. Only $5/month.


Climate Strike in Austin Texas


Generation Earth is the dynamic youth branch of The Sustainable Living Guide, by and for people in their teens and twenties. We are a global movement of the next generation creating positive change in the world, in ourselves and in each other! Generation Earth directly supports the upcoming generation, valuing and amplifying our voices and providing a unique platform for us to activate together. We are learning, engaging in exciting solutions, and having fun doing it! We choose to empower ourselves to shape what our lives and our shared future will be – sustainable, just, happy and free!



We strongly believe in empowering community sustainability and regenerative resilience. Our business model is designed to channel funding to local sustainability projects around the world. 20% of membership fees and 5% of everything else we offer, such as online classes and directory listings, goes to our Community Sustainability Grants. Annual voting on social media will select grant winners while providing huge exposure for all finalists. Thank you for making these grants possible by being part of The Sustainable Living Guide community. Together we can co-create a thriving future for all!



EarthKids celebrates the power of children and teens to effect positive change in the world they will inherit. “EarthKids Heroes” is a special feature of The Sustainable Living Guide, showcasing youth who are leading outstanding sustainability projects. The imagination and motivation of these young people inspires us all! The Sustainable Living Guide’s Earthkids section is expanding to offer unique educational resources, online classes, and fun activities. We support the next generations as an essential part of planting seeds of sustainability and a culture of kindness.