The Sustainable Living Guide is honored to support community sustainability projects around the world with our grants program. We strongly believe in empowering local communities to co-create sustainability. We appreciate the crucial work of developing local resilience through projects that cultivate the regenerative wellbeing of both the Earth and the community. Everyone involved with the Sustainable Living Guide helps make these grants possible, thank you!

We are grateful to be able to help fund Community Sustainability Projects and share their stories to inspire other communities around the world. We are especially looking for projects that have built-in ways of being self-supporting, so that our grants can help boost initiatives that are not only serving sustainability, they are also themselves sustainable.

How it works

20% of all membership fees and 5% of everything else we sell (such as online classes, directory listings, items in our store, etc) goes directly to our Community Sustainability Grant fund.

Candidates for the Community Sustainability Grants are organizations nominated by Sustainable Living Guide members and staff. Finalists are chosen by The Sustainable Living Guide.

Winners are determined by public voting on social media. Voting is promoted on social media with high visibility. Therefore, all finalists benefit from amazing publicity exposure, winners receive cash grants, and people all over the world have the opportunity to be inspired and activated by the work these groups are doing. Part of our agreement with grant winners is that they will provide a report to share their successes and what they’ve learned with our community. This way, the cycle of sharing continues to nourish and uplift others in their own projects.

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