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Air Purification

Alternative Energy: Services

Alternative Energy: Supplies & Resources



Arts, Music, Dance & Creativity

Bee Keeping

Bicycling & Human-Powered Transport

Body Care


Business: Products & Resources

Business: Services & Coaching

Carbon Footprint & Sequestration

Climate Change, Mitigation, Adaptation

Clothing, Shoes, Accessories

Communication, Connection, Collaboration

Community Building & Organizing

Community Capacity Empowerment

Composting & Vermiculture

Conferences & Trade Shows

Cooperatives & Collectives

Cottage Industry

Crafting & Handwork

Diversity & Culture


Eco-Retrofit & Sustainable Living Solutions


Elderhood, Vibrant Aging, Elder Support

Emergency Response & Disaster Relief

Emergency Supplies & Preparedness

Emerging Culture, Conscious Co-Creation

Employment Opportunities

Energy Efficiency & Conservation


Environmental Consulting & Assessment

Environmental Justice

Environmental Preservation & Restoration

Event Services, Products, Resources

Fair Trade

Farming: Services, Support, Opportunities

Farming: Supplies & Resources

Farms, Farmers Markets, CSA’s, Farm-Direct

Festivals & Special Events

Financial, Investing, Economy, Barter

Fitness & Yoga

Food & Nutrition: Products & Resources

Food & Nutrition: Services

Gardening: Services

Gardening: Supplies & Resources


Green & Natural Living Products

Green Innovation & Engineering

Handmade & Custom-Made Products

Health & Wellness Products

Healthcare & Wellness Providers


Holistic Wellbeing Resources

Home: Products & Resources

Home: Services

Hospice & Green Burial

Indigenous Community, Products, Services

Intentional Communities, Ecovillages, Cohousing

Kids, Teens, Families, Parenting

Land Restoration & Stewardship

Landscaping: Services

Landscaping: Supplies & Resources

Legal & Advocacy Services, Mediation


Lifestyle Products

Lifestyle Services

Local Resilience

Media & Journalism

Meditation & Consciousness

Men’s Products, Services, Resources

Mushroom Growing, Gathering, Mycology

Natural & Green Building: Services

Natural & Green Building: Supplies & Resources

Natural Farming & Rewilding

Natural Materials

Natural Petcare

Nonprofit Organizations

Off-Grid Engineering, Low-Tech, DIY

Organic Agriculture

Organic Products

Organizations, Associations, Networking

Outdoor Adventure, Camping, Nature Enjoyment

Outdoor Living

Permaculture: Services

Permaculture: Supplies & Resources

Personal Growth, Coaching, Life-Enhancement

Plants & Propagation

Pollution: Prevention, Mitigation, Restoration


Professional Training & Associations

Psychotherapy & Mental Health Resources

Real Estate & Relocation

Recreation & Entertainment

Recycling & Waste Management

Regenerative Agriculture


Rural Homesteading

Seeds & Seed Saving



Shelters: Portable & Permanent Installation

Social Change, Service, Justice

Soil Building, Regeneration, Remediation

Spas & Salons

Speakers & Conference Presenters

Survival Skills & Bushcraft

Sustainability Consulting & Services

Tiny House Living



Travel, Retreats, Eco-Tourism, Lodging

Upcycling, Products, Repair

Urban Homesteading & Eco-Living

Urban Renewal

Volunteer & Internship Opportunities

Water & Rain Catchment, Storage, Irrigation

Water: Access, Protection, Conservation

Water: Oceans & Watersheds

Water: Purification, Efficiency, Home Use

Wholesale Materials

Wildlife, Wilderness, Biodiversity

Women’s Products, Services, Resources


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