EarthKids celebrates and supports the power of young people to effect positive change in the world they will inherit. Their creativity and caring inspires us all to take action to grow the future of our brightest visions!

EarthKids Heroes

The Sustainable Living Guide proudly presents “EarthKids Heroes”, showcasing children who are doing amazing sustainability projects. May we all be inspired to live as our Super Hero selves in service of the Earth.  Go EarthKids! We are excited to celebrate EarthKids Heroes with you- read their powerful stories in the section below.

You can nominate children and youth that you admire to be honored as EarthKids Heroes and have their story shared with the world! EarthKids Heroes are an important part of our community and receive their own membership to The Sustainable Living Guide and other support.

Featured Earthkid Heroes

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Nominate an EarthKids Hero

EarthKids Heroes are motivated young people doing innovative projects to care for the Earth!

Nominate a child or teen who inspires you!

School & Family Resources

We are currently developing a unique resources program for schools and families including clasees, teaching materials, activities, online events, videos, parent education and children’s books!

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