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Dozens of renowned change-makers from around the world

Kosha Joubert

Executive Director of Global Ecovillage Network

Dr Karambu Ringera

Awakener, Holistic Models for Regenerative Systems

David Spicer

Water Harvesting Design Specialist

Robin Clayfield

Author, Facilitator and Social Permaculture Pioneer

David West

Director Emeritus of Native American Programs at SOU; Co-founder and Director, Konaway Nika Tillicum Native American Youth Academy

Jacqui Patterson

Environmental and Climate Justice Specialist

Forest Shomer

Owner of Inside Passage Native Seeds

Rosa Tupina Yaotonalcuauhrli

Mexican Spiritual Leader

Karen Washington

Farmer, Activist and Food Advocate

Oliver M. Goshey

Founder and Director of Abundant Edge, Natural Builder,
Regenerative Designer

Joshua Konkankoh

Director and Founder of Better World Cameroon, Youth Development Activist

Aranya Gardens

Author, Permaculture Designer, and Teacher

Tao Orion

Author of Beyond the War on Invasive Species: A Permaculture Approach to Ecosystem Restoration

Amanda Bramble

Director of Ampersand Sustainable Learning Center

Danial Lawton

Director at Permaculture Tools and Permaculture Consultancy

Graham Bell

Global Change Consultant, Author of The Permaculture Way and The Permaculture Garden

Seetha Ananthasivan

Founder of Bhoomi College

Jim Hallock

Co-Owner Colorado Earth - Compressed Earth Block (CEB) manufacturer, teacher, builder

Dr. Andrea Kraj

CEO CORE Renewable Energy Inc, Professional Engineer, Author

Dr. Shariff Abdullah

Advocate and Author for Inclusivity and Societal Transformation

Rebecca Andrews

Herbalist, Ecotherapist, Homesteader, Consultant, Author, Speaker

Susan Leopold, PhD

Executive Director of United Plant Savers

Klaudia Van Gool

Permaculture Designer, Teacher, and Earth Anchor

Dr. John Kalb, MS, DC

Author of Keep Your Marbles,
Wellness Chiropractor and Health Coach

Marika Alvarado

Traditional Healer, Medicine Woman

Lisa Schroder

PEng - Co-Owner Colorado Earth - Adobe brick designer, engineer, and builder

Gabriela Masala

Embodied, Creative, Evolutionary Love

Steven Wynbrandt

Founder of Wynbrandt Farms

Michael David Terungwa

Executive Director of Global Initiative for Food Security and Ecosystem Preservation; Africa Regional Coordinator Citizens Climate Lobby

Karryn Olson-Ramanujan

Entrepreneurial and Leadership Skills for Co-creating Our Regenerative Future

Maritza Schafer

Director of Global Engagement, Rockwood Leadership Institue, Multi-Cultural Consultant, Change-Maker

Sam Coffman

Founder of The Human Path and Herbal Medics

Larry Korn

Student of Japanese natural farmer, Masanobu Fukuoka, Author of One-Straw Revolutionary, Co-Author of: One Straw Revolution, Sewing Seeds In The Desert

David Yarrow

Soil and Carbon Consultant

Anna Kovasna

Education Director of Global Ecovillage Network

Sonita Mbah

Youth and Environmental Actionist, NextGEN-Africa Representative for Global EcoVillage Network Board

Phil Chandler

Author of The Barefoot Beekeeper, Champion of Balanced Beekeeping

Carolyn Parrs

Author of Life and Leadership Coach

Joseph Ntunyoi

Founder of the Laikipia Permaculture Centre and Co-founder of the Permaculture Research Institute Kenya

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