Teacher Application

  • Will be used publicly if we work together.
  • Reading your byline will encourage potential students to click through to see your bio and classes. Please write a short phrase to go under your photo (generally 2-5 words) that introduces you as a stand-out expert in your field. Could include information such as your professional title, a major accomplishment, education/certification, ‘‘author”, etc.
  • If we directly contacted you to invite you to teach sending us your CV is optional. Having it will help us in understand your areas of expertise better so we can best promote you and your classes, as well as invite you for future opportunities, speaking engagements, etc. Thank you.
  • Please provide 2-4 brief written referrals if we did not directly contact you to invite you to teach. Already existing testimonials are fine. Please include at least 2 of the following: schools/organizations you have taught for, students, peers.
  • JPG or PNG. Should be at least 800px wide.
    Accepted file types: jpg, png.